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01First of all if you have never allowed Denise Jane to capture the true essence of your family on film, you are missing the opportunity of a life time. She is simply fabulous. Each and every photograph that was taken of my family & I was taken with love, care, thoughtfulness and consideration. The moments we shared with Denise during this time we will treasure forever, timeless surreal moments captured on film to be shared with the world. Gotta love it. Thank you for the 3 P’s; Professional, Perfectionist and Passionate about your craft.
We Love You,
The Moore’s?Grovetown, GA

02The entire experience of getting the senior and family portraits taken was truly a memorable experience! I found Denise to be so positive, creative and fun to work with throughout the photo shoots. She has an amazing ability to capture the heart and spirit on camera!!
Marcia Goodwyn?- Vienna, VA

03We thoroughly enjoyed our portrait session with Denise Jane at our home. She understood what we wanted in our photos and was able to match us and our activities to the perfect settings. She gave us good advice about clothing to enhance the mood of the photographs. We had fun with all our wardrobe changes! Denise Jane is a outstanding professional with technical knowledge, attention to detail and an artistic flair. She was enthusiastic and supportive of our interests and ideas. Denise Jane and her husband, Wendel, made it an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you.
Ginnie & Jim Samsel

My family and I were amazed at the pictures Denise Jane took! We went on location to my parent’s farm for my son’s senior pictures and the results were beyond anything I could have imagined. They held so much meaning for all of us. She made everything so easy even though she put so much work into capturing such a special time. We have pictures that we will always treasure!
Suzanne Redd?-Aiken, SC


Ya’ll are awesome! To say the least. Jesi and Jason’s wedding was an absolute fairy tale come to life. We can’t wait to see all the pictures you guys took. I’ve heard so many comments about how wonderful the photographers were-Thanks! We not only extended our family-but have made new friends in you all. Thank you for all your hard work and for the love that you put into it. Your passion is priceless!
Love to you,
Anita Donath?- (Mother of the Bride) Aiken,SC


Thank you for the beautiful portraits of my daughter. You’re so wonderful at capturing what I see on a daily basis. She’s truly beautiful on the inside and I’m thrilled others get to see it through your poetic photography!
Laurel Dickerson?-Aiken SC

04Working with Denise Jane and her staff was a wonderful experience for may family. It was obvious from the pictures that my infant daughter felt very comfortable during the session. The pleasant music and attention to detail really set the mood and left us with a lasting memory of her first portrait sitting. I highly recommend Denise Jane.
-Aiken SC


05Denise Jane does not want to just take pictures of you, but also of who you are.
Will Redd?-Aiken High

I LOVED working with Denise Jane. It was a BLAST. She made me feel confident in my appearance and I had a lot of fun! I felt like I was a model getting pictures taken for a magazine! It was overall the BEST photo shoot I have ever had. She was great!
Tiphenie Bowden?-South Aiken High School

I, Brittney Austin, had the opportunity to take my senior portraits with Denise Jane. Her wonderful photography has captured many beautiful faces and brought out the best in all of us. I just want to thank her for making my senior year even more memorable.
Brittney Austin?- South Aiken High

While taking my senior portraits with Denise Jane she made me feel comfortable and confident by using her unique photography skills to capture not only my smile but my personality as well. Thank very much for this experience.
Danielle Sheppard?-South Aiken High

Thank you Denise Jane for being cheerful, friendly and going beyond the call of duty. It was a joy to have a photographer that talked with us and really found out who we are. I will cherish Danielle’s pictures forever!
Teresa Sheppard?-SR mother

06At my senior portrait session, Denise made me feel totally comfortable. We had my favorite music playing while she snapped the shots that I would have forever. At first, I was confused about what to wear and how to pose, but Denise led me through the entire process so smoothly, I felt like a pro when I was done! The great thing about Denise is that she does not rush her sessions, she takes her time getting to know the faces she is capturing. We had a great time and took some awesome pictures!
Ashley Coomes?-South Aiken High

I am glad that I did my pictures with Denise Jane because no one else will have the same pictures and backgrounds that I do. We had a blast and took pictures all over historical downtown Aiken.
-Austin Coomes

1, 2, 3 Smile
The lights, camera, and Denise Jane made my photo shoot worthwhile. Having my senior portraits done by Denise Jane was an experience I will never forget. As soon as I arrived for my photo shoot, she was ready for me and was just as excited as I was about the shoot. I enjoyed being able to have various poses and outfits during the shoot. Seeing the expression on Denise’s face throughout the shoot gave me that feeling that my senior photos wouldn’t be like anyone else. Having that feeling was one of the best feelings anyone can have about their senior portraits. I left my photo shoot excited to see how the photos came out. Denise Jane took photos that capture the best side of me. After the photo shoot, I knew right then that my senior portraits would be ones that would last for a lifetime.
Angelica Long-Williston?-Elko High School